Chairman’s words

Chairman’s words

We firmly believe that the college should prepare the students for successful life not only for exam or students for successful life not only for exam or standard result. Jugal is preparing the students to make a great life with proven knowledge. We are entirely focusing on Sanskar and Skill so that they make an intellectual life full of happiness and kindness.

Sanskar and skill are the two stout pillars of life. Our pragmatic learning helps the students to grow with Sanskar and skill. We make every class learning as a scientific experiment where the students invent their inner talents, enrich confidence, demonstration skills and get mastery in learning so that they will easily have an outstanding academic achievement. Eventually, I would like to welcome all the students at Jugal. Let’s  enjoys opportunity to cultivate Sanskar, skill and life long art of learning for meaningful and happy life.

Thank you for support!

Mr. Dor Prasad Acharya

Chairman (SMS)