With excellent educational service Jugal has been a pivotal learning center for the children . The school has a perfect pre-section- Kindergarten that has scientific and culture based learning environment.

Jugal’s Kindergarten is fully based on thematic approach is regarded as one of the best ways of cultivating lifelong learning in children. Firstly, it selects a theme being under the curriculum and secondly connects it to every day life so that learning becomes easy, effective and entertaining.

Practical learning is focused here. The children learn through involvement and experience. It help them to make learning habits, social habits and healthy habits. Children’s freedom, dignity and interest are kept in high priority while teaching.

No any forcible learning . No fear. No burden of homework’s. No any sort of pressure. A completely carefree and happy environment is set to make a pro- life learning. Every day, every moment, children enjoy to learn through singing, dancing, swimming, dramatizing, playing and visiting around. They are the main tool in the school that are used to deliver the contents of the curriculum in children.

The thematic approach believes that education is a tool that nurtures the talent of a child so that the child can live a happy and prosperous life in every way. And the thematic approach does the same thing; it helps to enrich the children’s hidden talent through learning.

Focal Facilities

  • A full time Nursing service and bimonthly health checkup by doctors;
  • Well managed cafeteria where balance diet is available;
  • World famous Thematic Approach in teaching;
  • Transportation service;
  • Sufficient indoor and outdoor playing materials;
  • Computer facility;
  • Parent’s trimonthly training on child careing;
  • Timely Kids Merry Making Day program for all children so that they can show their talents;
  • Timely field visit for pragmatic learning.
  • Audio- Video
  • Spiritual class: Yoga & Medication


 With the dictum ‘ Committed to ‘Sanskar & skill’  Jugal School/ College came in to existence in 2055 BS with the tireless endeavor of a group of veteran educationalists at Kapan, Kathmandu. The school has created a priceless educational history in the locality in these two decades.

Let’s have a glance at Jugal concisely.

The school/college extends into 10 Ropanies Land with the surrounding of greenery far away from all sorts of pollution. The natural, peaceful and healthy environment is great boon for learning and the students enjoy this matchless environment here. Besides, the college has all the needful prerequisites that strengthen and make modern learning complete. We inspire students for life long self- learning so that they enjoy and make their every moment of learning as the great departure for further learning and skillful life.

Indeed, we don’t give fish to our students; we give an art of fishing. We create a lot of opportunities for the students to ensure the growth of their practical knowledge.

Hence, we focus on practical and skillful education with Sanskar. We envision that our students will involve themselves, at least partially, in some skillful work right after their +2 besides the continuity of their higher education. We believe that the students must test their academic achievements in the laboratory of real life.

Focal Feature:

  • Well- equipped Computer Lab, Science Lab and Library ;
  • Veteran team of teachers;
  • Cozy and techno based class rooms;
  • Transportation facilities;
  • Quality cafeteria;
  • Infirmary;
  • ECA: Sports and Cultural classes;
  • CCA: various researches, frequently field visit; presentation and project works:
  • Educational excursions;
  • Psychosocial health counselor;
  • Frequent students ’panel discussion, workshop, seminar and interaction programs in the presence of guest professors, experts and all

Scholarship Facilities For:

  • SEE Board & District Toppers
  • JUGL Entrance Topper
  • Martyr Family’s students
  • Underprivileged and remote area’s students
  • School Topper
  • Poor and intelligent student
  • Extraordinary Skill ( Music, Art, Dance, Sports etc.)

Eligibility for Admission:

       The students who have appeared in secondary Education Examination or any other equivalent examination can sit for entrance at JEMS. The selection will be done basing on SEE results, test score and performance during the interview time.






                    Course Combinations

   The +2 programs at Jugal is divided into different combinational subject groups .

                 The students can choose form the following combinations

               Regular Class Schedule 6:15-10:30AM (for all Subjects)


GRADE XI                                                                                              GRADE XII

English                                                                                                      English

Nepali                                                                                                       Legal Drafting

Nepali Legal System                                                                                 Procedural Law

General Principle & Theories of Law                                          Civil Law & Justice, Criminal Law & Justice

Constitutional Law & Nepali Constitution                                           Human Rights


GRADE XI                                                                                                          GRADE XII

English                                                                                                                    English

Nepali                                                                                                                      Nepali

Intro. To Edu. / Inst. Pedagogy                                                                  Institutional Evaluation

English                                                                                                                  English

Mass Communication                                                                                  Mass Communication

Nepali                                                                                                                         Nepali

Maths                                                                                                                             Maths

Economics                                                                                                                   Economics

Health                                                                                                                             Health

Population                                                                                                               Population


GRADE XI                                                                                                              GRADE XII

English                                                                                                                    English

Nepali                                                                                                            Business Math or Marketing

Accountancy                                                                                                  Accountancy

Economics                                                                                                   Economics

Hotel Management                                                                                                    Hotel Management

Business Studies                                                                                     Business Studies

Mathematics                                                                                           Mathematics

Computer Science                                                                              Computer Science

Travel and Tourism                                                                             Travel Tourism



GRADE XI                                                                                              GRADE XII

English                                                                                                      English

Nepali                                                                                           Cotemporary Society

Sociology                                                                                        Sociology

Mass Communication or Eco.                                                Mass Communication or Eco.

Psychology or Mathematics                                                   Psychology or Math

Optional English                                                                        Optional English